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October means different things to different people. The arrival of fall can mean the onset of midterms or the smell of pumpkin spice; the end of summer or the beginning of the festive winter season. Whatever it may mean to you, check out Spectrum’s list of Columbia students you’ve seen around campus this month and see if you identify with any of them!

1. The “Climate Deniers”

These are the people who refuse to believe that the temperature is dropping, so they continue to wear their summer clothes. It is easy to spot a “climate denier” on College Walk since they’re visibly shivering as they go from one class to the next. Typically, they refuse to bring out their thick winter jackets until the chances of getting frostbite are significantly higher. In fact, on those ambiguously warm days in October, you’ll find them back in their summer dresses, iced drinks in hand, sitting on the Butler lawns.

2. The Overdressed

The completely opposite of the Climate Deniers, these people bundle up and turn their heater up on high the minute it gets below 70 degrees. You can catch them constantly complaining about how cold it is, even when they’re inside. These are the type of people who try to hibernate as much as they can and refuse to do anything outdoors from the months of October until April.

3. The Fall Fashion Connoisseur

These people don’t come to play during this season: they see fall as the most stylish time of the year. They wear your stereotypical fall attire comprised of boots, leather jackets, thick sweaters, and scarves. Similar to the last two categories, these people are ready with their outfits, come rain or shine, but instead of shorts or a down jacket, these people flaunt their best fall chic throughout the month.

4. The Pumpkin Spice Lovers

This category can go hand in hand with the previous one, but it’s also extremely popular outside of the “Fall Fashion Lover” crowd. The beginning of fall signifies to every coffee shop and food store that it’s time to whip (get it?) out its pumpkin spice-themed specials. The pumpkin spice lovers are the people who happily indulge in this capitalist delight and line up outside the door ready to purchase pumpkin spice everything. But, if we’re honest, October is the only time of the year when it is acceptable to eat, drink or cook pumpkin spice anything, so we’ll give these people a break.

5. The Halloween Fiends

Not only does October signify fall but it also indicates the beginning of ~Spooky Season.~ For the Halloween Fiends, October is an auspicious month to bring out their inner horror-lover. In the residence halls, these people are easily spotted because they will decorate their dorms with spiders and jack-o’-lanterns, have multiple Halloween outfits planned out for both weekends of Halloween, and have tickets booked for Halloween-related shows and movies.

6. The Unfazed

Last but not least, these are people who couldn’t care less whether it’s fall or spooky season. They are just annoyed that it’s getting colder because it means taking out their winter wardrobe and putting on more layers in the morning. They are more focused on grinding through midterms and getting on with the semester.

Whether you’re celebrating any of the festivities that October brings or not, Spectrum wishes you a happy fall semester. Good luck on midterms, and don’t be too hesitant to let your inner spook or “pumpkin spice lover” out!

Staff writer Jazilah Salam can be contacted at Follow Spectator on Twitter @ColumbiaSpec.

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