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Who has time to think of a Halloween costume with never ending midterm season underway? No one! No worries: Inspiration can come from the perpetrator of these evil exams itself. Here are 12 Columbia-themed Halloween costumes so you can become what scares you the most this spooky season.

Alma Mater

This iconic statue on Low Steps is the perfect representation of Columbia. All you need is a robe, a scepter, a book, and a leaf wreath. Bonus points if you cover everything in bronze spray paint.

Captain Bayonne

Known by many names, Captain Bayonne is the man who stands outside Low Steps throwing water bottles into the trash with his feet. He works in the admissions office at Columbia University and is originally from Bayonne, New Jersey, hence the name. His costume consists of a luchador mask, tight (usually colorful) athletic shirt and pants, and sneakers. Carry around a few plastic bottles to show off your Captain Bayonne skills to all your friends!


Every Columbia student’s favorite Founding Father (and yes, I know John Jay was a Founding Father), Alexander Hamilton is revered on our campus as a prominent alumnus, a statue, and an overheated building. For this apparel, Hamiltonians will need to don their white wigs and colonial hats. Pair that with some black boots, loose beige pants, and a peacoat with a white blouse underneath. The trick is gold buttons and frilly trims.


As our mascot, Roar-ee has been passed down through generations of Columbians. The first thing you’ll need is a big personality to hype people up during your Halloweekend. Next, for the actual costume, you’ll need to get out your Columbia University athletic gear and lion costume. On the off chance there’s no lion costume in your wardrobe, just some face painting can do the trick!

Columbia University Graduate

Why stay for four years of hard work and studying when you can just pretend to graduate? This costume will give you that much-needed sense of accomplishment. A light blue toga and graduation cap will do the trick. Reuse your high school graduation cap with light blue cardboard on top if needed.

Bacchanal Ready

Much like a Coachella outfit, a Bacchanal costume would channel your inner music festival energy. This attire is much more broad, but a few key parts of any concert wear include sneakers, fanny packs, and flower crowns.

“Ivy League”

Everyone knows that what Columbia students are most known for is our amazing sense of humor. For this funny costume, use a sports league jersey with ivy leaves glued to them. Anyone can be an Ivy League student with this outfit!

Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Ruth Bader Ginsburg is an associate justice of the Supreme Court and of course, a Columbia University graduate. To pay homage to this still-serving judicial advocate, a black robe, white neck cloth, and black-rimmed glasses would be needed, with hair tied back in a tight bun.

Preppy Student

Preppy students can be seen on many university campuses, with the Ivy League being especially saturated with them. This could be anyone with a certain preppy way of dressing including blouses with sweater on top, peacoats, and khakis to give a few examples.


For the first 30 years of its existence, Columbia was known as King’s College, after King George II of England. With that piece of history, a royalty costume would be perfect for Columbia. A long robe with white fur, a specter, and a crown (preferably in Pantone 292) would complete the outfit.

Zombie Touchdown

It’s no lie that Columbia students harbor certain feelings towards the other New York Ivy League: Cornell University. As a friendly roast, you can dress as a zombie version of their mascot, Touchdown the Big Red Bear. The best way to complete this look is plenty of makeup and all red attire.

Butler Library

Students are unfortunately very familiar with the inside of Butler library. To show our appreciation for this monumental building, there should be a Butler costume. A tuxedo with white gloves would work, but instead of food on the tray, hold books instead.

We know costumes might not be the first thing on your mind as you get through midterms, but we hope this helps de-stress. Have a good spooky season, Columbia!

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