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A majority of us are confined to our homes during this pandemic—perhaps in our childhood bedrooms, homes or apartments. Regardless, it’s understandably difficult to be in touch with friends and the rhythm of Columbia’s community like we usually are. Although it takes a bit more effort than usual, it’s not impossible to foster a sense of solidarity and community among Columbia students and others who have also moved to quarantine and, subsequently, virtual learning. If you’re feeling a little disconnected lately, try exploring some of the options below, and hopefully, you’ll find some that brighten up your day.

Facebook groups and pages

Social media platforms, when used in moderation, are one of the easiest ways to keep yourself updated on the most recent online on-goings of fellow college students. Take a breather from your Zoom classes and indulge in some relatable content in these popular Facebook groups: The Ivy League Meme Consortium, Isolating Together, columbia buy sell memes, and Zoom Memes for Self Quaranteens. Additionally, lighthearted Tik Tok memes are no-brainer stress relievers in times such as these, and you’ll get to see just how many of your peers are laughing at them alongside you. Let’s not forget the infamous Columbia Confessions and Columbia Crushes 2.0 pages that put out some of the most unfiltered and polarizing posts. Note that these two Facebook pages should be taken with a grain of salt.They remain, however, two widely visited pages that are entertaining to check up on now and again.

Online multiplayer games

Pomona College undergraduate Nathania Hartojo put together this handy and comprehensive document with a list of free games that can serve as a virtual platform for you and your friends to hang out on. Check out some of the free games in the Google Document if you ever run out of things to talk about on group calls!

Netflix Party

Instead of abandoning “Netflix and chill” with your friends and partner(s), try opting for this alternative that allows synchronized playback and a live chat. It’s free and easy—simply head to and follow the instructions as given. This way, you can still finish up that TV show you guys were planning on watching together, or go on a virtual movie date with the wide range of rom-coms Netflix has to offer.


One could describe this anonymous discussion app as the next Yik Yak, but it’s exclusively for Ivy League students. Your “.edu” email grants you access to both the Columbia specific thread and the main thread, where you are free to create anonymous posts, comment on other ones, and upvote or downvote posts and comments. The app also allows users to match with and send messages to other users. Launched by two students at Yale University, this new and rising app provides a platform for both conversation and controversy—so tread with caution!


Whenever conversation runs dry on group FaceTime calls, try hanging out on Houseparty, an app that allows you to chat face-to-face with a myriad of fun games and functions. It’s free and available on most devices.

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