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It feels like forever since we received that first email from University President Lee Bollinger that canceled all further social gatherings on campus and moved classes online. After almost two months of social distancing, the current circumstances have revealed distinct personality types as we all learn to cope in different ways. The way you spend your time can tell you more about yourself than perhaps any social gathering could. Here’s a list of the different types of people during lockdown.

The Zoom party host

Quarantine is this person’s kryptonite. As someone who gets most of their energy from being around others, the Zoom party host may feel like their social butterfly wings have been clipped. Nevertheless, their weekend routine is probably still intact, as they find it very important to celebrate the end of every lonely week of social distancing. When they’re not sending out invites for another Friday night Zoom extravaganza, they are on FaceTime catching up with friends and family.

The thriving introvert

This person is currently in their element. Social distancing is in their nature, and this lockdown is the perfect excuse for them to spend more quality time alone. Relishing in the quiet that this pandemic brings, the thriving introvert finds joy and comfort in grappling with ideas and thoughts inside their head. They value introspection and like to retreat to their own mental sanctuary in order to take a break from the harsh realities of the real world.

The TikToker

This person now has a lot more time on their hands, but mindlessly scrolling through their Instagram feed just isn’t cutting it anymore. The TikToker has devoted their time and energy to roping their family members into dance routines and using regular household items as props for their skits. The more TikToks they make, the closer they are to cracking the code to social media fame. This lockdown won’t stop them from letting them manifest their creativity!

The conspiracy theorist

Diving face-first into finding solutions to the unknown, conspiracy theorists love nothing more than to try to unearth the reasons behind COVID-19. During these uncertain times, these types of people find certainty through investigation and deep speculation. They process bizarre phenomenons in ways that allow them to connect one uncertainty to another. If you ask a conspiracy theorist why they think a global pandemic is happening right now or if they really think a virus could single-handedly bring the world to a standstill, don’t be surprised by the answers you receive!

The COVID-19 armchair expert

This person is constantly in heated debates with the conspiracy theorists and always updates those around them on the pandemic’s new developments. Letting no town hall meeting go unwatched and no news articles go unread, the armchair expert finds comfort in knowing more about what is going on around them. They are centered in their second-hand knowledge—leave it to them to give you the daily live statistics on COVID-19.

The at-home trainer

The workout trainer uses their extra time at home to … well, work out. They consider their isolation an opportunity to break some extra sweat, relieving some stress with every plank they hold. Ranging from meditation yoga to hardcore circuit training, this person reacts to world crises with structure, organizing their time so they don’t lose count of the days gone by.

The aspiring Gordon Ramsay

This person lives in the kitchen, attempting new recipes and concocting new dishes to devour. Much like the TikToker, the aspiring Gordon Ramsay is an innovator and uses cooking as a creative outlet. If you’re around this type of person during quarantine, you’ll most likely never be hungry because they love sharing their culinary masterpieces even more than making them!

The Sleeping Beauty

A true love’s kiss isn’t enough to wake this person up! The Sleeping Beauty is someone who particularly enjoys the serenity of quality slumber. Perhaps out of everyone, the Sleeping Beauty is the most rejuvenated of the bunch and rocks the coolest and comfiest pajamas. No need trying to call them up, as they are most likely in the middle of their regular daytime nap.

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