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Student life at Columbia was hard enough to navigate even before the COVID-19 pandemic, but with people scattered across the globe, finding a community within the student body has become even more difficult. With our monthly Spotify playlists, Spectrum hopes to engage the University community and reminisce about the activities and memories that we share. We hope you enjoy our first installment!

A rainy day in Butler

While study playlists are more conducive to focusing, rainy days call for their own special songs. Although rainy days in New York are more gross than romantic, the safety of a desk in Butler Library provides a nostalgic view of campus. This playlist includes songs from everyone from Joji to Billy Joel and will help you replicate the experience of a cold New York day on campus, minus the hassle of trying to find seats in the library and mid-study session JJ’s runs.

Next stop: 116th Street

Who hasn’t felt like the main character, sitting in the back of an Uber or empty subway car coming back to campus, blasting music as you look out the window? Listening to Fleetwood Mac and Lorde will take you back to all those nights spent traveling through New York and gazing at the unparalleled Manhattan skyline.

A walk through Riverside Park

As fall transitions into winter, many of us are trying to catch the last few days of warmth with some ~aesthetic~ walks outdoors. Although there’s nothing like enjoying a walk through Riverside as the sun sets over the Hudson River, you should still try to admire the fall foliage while it lasts in your nearest park as you stroll along listening to some chill tracks. You can trust Lana Del Rey, The Neighbourhood, and Coldplay to put you in the right mood.

Spectrum’s shower bangerz

With quarantine and Zoom University, days can turn into a blur as you go through the same mundane routine every day. Break through the cycle and try to make special moments out of your daily activities, like turning your shower into your own personal concert. Test your knowledge of 2000s throwbacks by Pitbull and the Black Eyed Peas, or practice those TikTok dances you learned in secret with some Doja Cat. With no suitemates to accidentally walk into the bathroom, why hold back?

Staff writer Lina Bennani Karim wants to remind you to wear your mask so she can go back to campus, vibe out with friends, and enjoy these playlists on location. She can be contacted at Follow Spectrum on Twitter @CUSpectrum.

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