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Columbia’s 2020 Wrapped Playlist

As many Spotify users know, you can now access your 2020 Wrapped playlists, full of all your most played artists and songs of the year. Spectrum put a twist on that and compiled a list of all the songs we think Columbia students have been listening to during 2020. We’ve included songs by what should have been this year’s Bacchanal headlining artists, as well as songs by Columbia students and alums with their own musical careers.

Finally, wherever you are in the world, one thing’s for sure, we all miss spending time in a COVID-19-free New York City. That’s why we also included some classic New York City anthems to reminisce about better times on campus and in the city.

An all nighter in Ref

What’s a finals season without at least one all-nighter spent in Butler Library? Fortunately for your mental and physical health, we’ll have to go without that this semester. Spectrum’s study playlist will take you back to Butler 301, colloquially known as “Ref,” and its intimidatingly high ceiling and chandeliers with some classical piano tunes. To bring to mind the grandeur of the room even more, we’ve also added orchestral soundtracks to iconic franchises like “Pirates of the Caribbean” and “Star Wars” to turn your boring essay into something more epic.

If you’re more of a Butler 209 person, we’ve also included some chill, deep-house songs you can vibe to as you finish up your problem sets or review questions. If you’re not really into songs with vocals in them, we’ve also got some lo-fi beats for relaxing background music as you work.

How PrezBo stole Christmas

It might be hard to get into the Christmas spirit considering the current circumstances. To make up for the lack of festive activities we usually enjoy this time of year, Spectrum has put together a Christmas playlist that will get you in the right mood. Although we’ve included some Mariah Carey and Michael Bublé classics, this is not your typical holiday playlist. We’ve also sprinkled in some Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus, and Jonas Brothers for modern twists on classic Christmas songs that even the Grinch would enjoy.

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