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Spectrum’s back with its newest batch of monthly playlists. Discover new songs and artists or rediscover old favorites you might have forgotten!

Back on campus

With 1,800 students invited back to campus this semester, many are booking appointments at Butler, meeting friends on Low Steps, or still quarantining. As you nostalgically stare out of your dorm room window, tune into this playlist for songs from Vampire Weekend and the Beatles to reminisce about better days on campus (because it wouldn’t be a Columbia-themed playlist without Vampire Weekend now, would it?). We also added in the perfect songs to go along with all the tearful (socially-distanced) reunions you’ll have with your friends. Whether you’re chilling on Low or picnicking at Central Park, these indie-pop hits will make for perfect background music while you hang out with friends.

Ringing in the New Year

What better way to manifest a good year for yourself than with Spectrum’s latest feel-good playlist? With some of the top hits and throwback jams of the past years (except 2020—we don’t know her), you can have a (solo) dance party to remind you of better years and hope that 2021 will be as good, if not better. With artists like Rihanna, Shakira, and Pitbull, we’ll take you back to awkward middle school dances you would have had a blast at if you actually knew what to do back then. We’ve also added in some more recent hits from Vampire Weekend (of course), Taylor Swift, and Bad Bunny, just to make sure we’re not going too heavy on the middle school trauma.

Whether you’re quarantining on campus, finally back in Butler after a semester-long break, or still at home, we hope you can use these playlists to remind yourself that the day will come when you can enjoy these tunes with friends without any restrictions.

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