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Candles and Scents

While it may seem impossible to replicate the campus experience, many of us pull up pictures of our favorite spots and replay old videos when we’re feeling nostalgic. Alternatively, for a truly immersive experience, let your sense of smell come into play and introduce familiar scents to intensify your flashbacks. Here are 12 popular scents to conjure up a vivid image of your college lifestyle.

Bookworm burrows

If your happy place is among stacks of old books in the library but your new Amazon reads aren’t fulfilling your desires, try this Old Books candle or this Bookstore one. Hopefully, they will transport you back to the dusty underground shelves of Avery or the stacks of Butler.

Concrete jungle

Just missing New York in general? This candle from the Homesick Store promises to mimic Central Park, department stores, and concrete. This definitely sounds like a candle for people with an undying love for city life and a unique scent interest—but we don’t judge!

Central Park winter wonderland

The snow is coming down in Morningside Heights, and whether you’re in a sunnier location or a place too cold to venture outside, this Sparkling Snow candle promises to take you back to snow-covered trees. For folks in the tropics who might be thirsty for a cool wintry smell to take the heat away, this is just the candle for you. Alternatively, you can opt for the smell of Frasier fir pine needles to remind you of long walks through Central Park

Farmer’s market Thursdays

If it’s been too long since your latest coffee shop date, try a warm coffee or hot fudge brownie scent, or the smell of an apple cider donut. It will remind you of your strolls by the farmer’s markets on Broadway and the steaming pots of fresh apple cider.

Woodshop diaries

For all the engineers out there missing the Columbia Makerspace and Barnard Design Center, check out woodshop-scented candles like this one to remind yourself of the times you sifted through pieces of scrap wood, operated dangerous machinery, and finished those Art of Engineering projects.

Chlorine and carbs

Missing the amenities of Columbia? Maybe you’re up for a sharp chlorine scent to remind yourself of the Dodge pool, or this french fries candle to bring you back to those late-night JJ’s Place and Koronet food runs. Ah, the glorious smell of greasy mozzarella sticks and chicken tenders.

Into the woods

Or, if you’re sick of the city, try an ocean storm or glacier national park scent. To remind yourself of your spring break trips to the Adirondacks, browse through this selection of National Park candles to wrap yourself in nature’s embrace.

Whether you’re stuck at home, in your apartment, across the street, or across the globe, scents can transform your living space and calm you down from a stressful week. While lavender or peppermint might be more common choices, try any of these suggestions to change your routine and boost your mood. If none of the above smells tickles your fancy, take this article as a reminder to go purchase some of your favorite scents right away!

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