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The COVID-19 pandemic has been a worthy test of our bonds with loved ones. Even though some of us have been split up and pulled to opposite ends of the earth, Columbia and Barnard students have proven that our relationships can withstand the toughest trials.

The following submissions from Columbia and Barnard students illustrate their efforts to stay connected and offer a glimmer of hope during these trying times. Read on for short love stories on enduring friendships and relationships.

From Maggie, BC ’21

Haiku about my best friend:

She was dad dancing

to ABBA in our Sulz lounge.

I dance with her now.

For Tanya, BC ’21

Maggie Comstock

From Ebadan, CC ’23

Anemic gf and human furnace bf

For Alyssa, CC ’21

Ebadan Vielka

From Armani, CC ’24

Cleaning through my bins that I had brought back from my high school dorm, I stumbled across the shoebox that had become her home. It had been over a decade since I had last felt the joy of her company, and it was one decade too long. In that moment, gazing upon my old discs, I felt something deep within my heart, and now nothing can come between us. #ArmaWiiForever

For Nintendo Wii

From Sherrye, CC ’24

After we called for the first time, I looked up at the night smiling, texted her asking if she could see the stars too, and so together we stared at the same unpolluted slightly different patch of sky, time zones and miles apart. Later she told me that was when she knew this would be no ordinary friendship.

For Anonymous

From Emily, BC ’24

My shiny prom dress would not be for naught, and so we danced to “When the Stars Go Blue” on a dusty barn floor. With a cat in my arms.

For Evan

Emily Gethen

From Willow, CC ’24

He’s in Australia 9,437 miles away, but we’ve never been closer <3.

For Velvet

These stories remind us that love exists in all places. If you’re stressing over midterms this week or overwhelmed by assignments, remember that you can always call that special friend or connect with your loved ones to feel better.

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