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With more people getting vaccinated, the summer semester seems like a viable option to be in New York City, especially for those who have spent their fall and spring semesters off campus. That being said, you might want to start thinking about housing options for the summer.

Option 1: On campus

On-campus housing is available this summer at Columbia for certain individuals. To be eligible and prioritized for housing, you must enroll as a full-time student for each term in the summer semester, which means being registered for at least six credits between summer A and summer B. Within this group, housing will be prioritized based on class year, with graduating seniors having the highest priority, then first-year students, and then sophomores and juniors. If you are eligible under this category, you only need to fill in this one form to apply.

If you do not enroll full time, you can still get housing if you are taking some courses or working on campus. In this case, you will have to use the waitlist form and you will get housing only if space permits.

Summer housing this year comes with some caveats. Firstly, approval for summer B housing is contingent upon approval for summer A housing. In other words, you will not get on-campus housing if you plan only to do summer B courses. Secondly, if you are currently on campus for the spring semester, you will have to relocate to a new room for the summer. Columbia Housing explicitly states that “students will not remain in their current room assignment.”

Columbia on-campus housing for this summer costs $2,200 for summer A and $4,400 for both summer A and summer B, excluding $315 for one interim period. Spring interim is the period between the end of the spring semester and summer A, and summer interim is the period between summer A and summer B.

For Barnard, eligibility is less strict. Barnard Housing only requires three credits for either summer block to be eligible and prioritized for summer housing. Additionally, housing is also available to those who are participating in the Summer Research Institute or working an on-campus or local job or internship.

Barnard students can choose to take classes in summer A, summer B, or both under the condition that they move in and out on their specified date. There are no exceptions to this rule; you can find more information here. Housing during the interim is also available at no additional cost.

Barnard on-campus housing costs $2,700 for each block of the summer and $5,400 for both blocks.

Option 2: Off-campus rentals

If on-campus housing is not an option for you, renting off-campus apartments can still be a great way to stay in the city. There are many ways to get off-campus housing, such as looking on Airbnb or other rental websites. You could also directly reach out to apartment buildings that offer rental services.

Another way to find off-campus housing—and roommates—is to leverage various online platforms. For example, on Facebook groups and Reddit posts, there are several places posting advertisements and many people who are looking for roommates.

Make sure to check out Spectrum’s article if you are wondering how to start your search for an off-campus apartment.

Option 3: Other campuses

You may also find housing by taking courses at educational institutions in the greater New York City area. Review the options outlined below to see if you want to earn academic credits while enjoying the advantages of subsidized student housing this summer.

Pace University

Pace University offers a wide selection of in-person and online classes, which grant housing to all students. In order to be eligible for summer accommodation at Pace, you have to be registered—either full-or part-time—for summer courses at the university; participate in an academically-related internship; or be employed as a student worker for no fewer than 20 hours per week. Pace offers housing for the summer 1 and summer 2 academic sessions in its New York City and Westchester County campuses. Whether you choose the lower Manhattan Financial District location, which is conveniently close to One World Trade Center and the Fulton Center, or the traditional college campus in Pleasantville, New York, you will be able to enjoy a single room with access to social lounges, community kitchen, air conditioning, weekly events hosted by its Residential Life staff, and many other amenities. Visit Pace’s website to learn more about registration deadlines, housing prices, special intern rates, summer session dates, and available courses.

New York University

New York University also offers a variety of housing options to students from other academic institutions. While the eligibility guidelines for priority selection require all non-NYU applicants to be either enrolled in a summer course or participate in a concurrently-running NYU-sponsored summer program, it is also possible to apply for housing as a non-affiliated student. In your application, you can indicate whether you prefer a single or a shared bedroom; select a traditional or apartment-style residence hall; and choose a meal plan if you would like one. As most dorms are available to NYU students only, registering for summer courses will allow you to receive placement priority and have access to a wider variety of residence halls. The application for the summer 2021 session is now open, so visit the NYU summer housing page to find out more about the process.

Fordham University

Fordham offers housing to visiting students who are registered for at least one in-person summer course at the university and are attending another American higher education institution. When applying for housing, you will need to fill out an online application form, submit a deposit, and complete an online survey to secure your accommodation. At Fordham, the summer semester is divided into two sessions for which students are able to register now. Upon receiving confirmation, all housing recipients are assigned either to two- or three-bedroom apartments in McMahon Hall at Lincoln Center or to traditional college dorm rooms at Rose Hill in the Bronx. If you think this housing option is for you, visit Fordham’s website to review rates, search the course catalog, and learn more about the university’s housing options.

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