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Summer Classes that can fulfill Core requirements

With the spring equinox last weekend, we’re only getting closer to summer, especially since the second round of summer 2021 registration is approaching on March 29. This year, Columbia and Barnard students have the opportunity to take extra classes tuition-free if they are within their respective credit limits. For an overview of what this summer will look like for undergraduates, take a look at Spectrum’s crash course on the summer semester.

Many undergraduate students plan to take advantage of the extended academic calendar by enrolling in courses that can count towards their Core Curriculum requirements. If you’re looking to do the same, check out Spectrum’s lists of classes that can partially fulfill each Core requirement.

Core classes

These are the classes every Columbia College student will need to have taken before graduation. Students in the School of Engineering and Applied Science also need to take University Writing and either Masterpieces of Western Art or Masterpieces of Western Music. The classes offered this summer include:

SCNC C1000 Frontiers of Science: This required course, usually taken as a first-year, introduces students to a variety of scientific disciplines.

ENGL S1010 University Writing: This required course, usually taken as a first-year, focuses on strengthening writing techniques including textual analysis, research, and revision.

HUMA UN1121 Masterpieces of Western Art: This required course will study a number of topics relating to Western paintings, sculpture, and architecture.

HUMA UN1123 Masterpieces of Western Music: This required course will give a basic introduction to Western musical compositions and famed musicians.

Science requirement

In addition to Frontiers of Science, the science requirement for Columbia College students calls for a minimum of three courses. Here are a few approved courses offered this summer.

ASTR S1403 Earth, Moon and Planets: This astronomy course discusses topics that include the solar system, the earth-moon system, and time.

ASTR UN1404 Stars, Galaxies and Cosmology: This course focuses on the properties and the structure of galaxies and stars, as well as the origins and evolution of the universe.

EESC UN1030 Oceanography: This lecture uses case studies to discuss current issues society faces concerning the ocean and covers the geology and ecosystem of [the ocean.

EEEB S1001 Biodiversity: This course examines diversity on Earth by using evolutionary biology and other concepts to understand how this diversity is sustained.

EEEB S1011 Behavioral Biology of the Living Primates: This lecture discusses the behavior of nonhuman primates and their ability to find food, survive threats, reproduce, and interact with partners.

PSYC S1001 The Science of Psychology: This introductory psychology course explores the history of psychology, brain function, sleep, and dreams, as well as other topics relating to cognition and emotion.

STAT UN1101 Intro to Statistical Reasoning: This lecture covers topics like probability theory, linear regression, and confidence intervals and data analysis methods for students interested in majors involving quantitative analysis.

Global Core

Columbia College students must complete two Global Core courses, and SEAS students must take either two Global Core courses, Literature Humanities, or Contemporary Civilization. Several summer 2021 options to meet the Global Core requirement are listed below.

AHIS S2600 The Arts of China: This course introduces students to the history of Chinese art from the Neolithic period to present times.

AHUM S2901 Masterpieces of Indian Art and Architecture: This course explores Indian artwork, including paintings and architecture from the last 2,000 years.

FILM GU4294 World Cinema: Latin America: This course provides an overview of Latin American cinema including major developments and the impact of Latin American filmmakers on the industry.

HIST UN3779 Africa and France: This course dives into the historically significant relationship between France and its former colonies of Africa.

JWST S4145 Topics in Israeli Cinema: This course looks at the history of Israeli film. In-class screenings will introduce students to influential Israeli filmmakers.

SPAN UN3350 Hispanic Cultures II: Enlightenment to the Present: This course examines the cultural manifestations of Spain and Spanish America. Students interested in Hispanic studies are advised to take this course.

MUSI S2020 Salsa, Soca, and Reggae: Popular Musics of the Caribbean: This course will focus on popular Caribbean music and its cultural influence dating back to the 1800s.

SCNC H3001 Nuclear Weapons and Nuclear Testing: Marshall Islands: This course will go into depth about the impact of U.S. nuclear testing on the Marshall Islands and how the Marshallese people were affected by the testing program.

RELI UN1612 Religion and the History of Hip Hop: This course introduces students to the interconnectedness of religion and hip hop music.

Foreign language

The Core requires students to study a foreign language up to the second semester of an intermediate course. Here’s a handful of beginner classes for which students can register.

CHNS W1010 Introductory Chinese A/Chinese B: These two courses, available separately, cover the same material as CHNS 1101 First Year Chinese, making Chinese A a prerequisite for Chinese B.

FREN S1101 Elementary French I/ S1102 French ll: These courses teach students to communicate feelings and describe their environment and daily activities in French as well as to understand the culture of the Francophone world. French I is a prerequisite for French II.

GERM UN1101 Elementary German I/ UN1102 German ll: This sequence of lectures aims to teach students how to write, read, and speak German where they can describe basic facts about themselves, their family, and their environment

ITAL UN1101 Elementary Italian I/ UN1102 Italian ll: These courses provide students with a basic introduction to Italian grammar and vocabulary to develop reading, writing, and speaking skills.

KORN UN1101 First Year Korean l: This course provides students with an introduction to written and spoken Korean.

LATN S1121 Intensive Elementary Latin: This intensive course combines two semesters worth of Elementary Latin into one and provides students with a strong foundation on Latin grammar to move on to Latin 1201.

SPAN S1101 Elementary Spanish l/ S1102 Spanish ll: These courses give students an introduction to grammar and conjugation rules in Spanish as well as pronunciation practice.

YIDD UN1102 Elementary Yiddish ll: This course is a continuation of Elementary Yiddish I, which is not offered over the summer. The course gives the opportunity to students to continue developing speaking, reading, and writing skills in Yiddish.

Physical education

Completion of two physical education activities are required for the Core, and virtual PE classes will still be in session this summer:

PHED UN1001 PHYS ED: Mindful Walking: In this course, students will learn different forms of meditation while walking outdoors.

PHED UN1001 PHYS ED: Sports Conditioning: With lectures, Zoom meetings, and Courseworks information, this class will allow students to learn and practice a variety of exercises related to physical conditioning.

PHED UN1001 PHYS ED: Rec Games: Students in this course will learn and practice fitness activities and play several virtual games through the Plato app.

PHED UN1001 PHYS ED: Walk to Run: This class will allow its students to build their endurance and improve their cardiovascular fitness by walking to jogging to running.

PHED BC1105 Health Coaching: Students in this class will set a health goal to be achieved through individual coaching sessions, lectures, and discussions.

PHED BC1532 Core Strength: This course will teach students and allow them to practice core-strengthening exercises and sculpting techniques.

PHED BC1693 Beginning Yoga: This class will focus on introductory Hatha Yoga, focusing on students’ flexibility, strength, and meditation.

Additional SEAS Core

Many of the classes above can be taken by SEAS students to fulfill the liberal arts core, physical education, and technical requirements, but here are a few more courses that SEAS students may have to take.

ECON UN1105 Principles of Economics: This class will provide students with an introduction to economics topics and must be taken by SEAS students.

MATH UN1101 Calculus I/UN1102 Calculus II: These courses might be necessary for you to take in order to continue on the pathway to APMA 2000 Multivariable Calculus, a requirement for all SEAS students.

PHYS UN1402 Introduction to Electricity, Magnetism, and Optics/UN1602 Physics II: Thermodynamics, Electricity, and Magnetism: Each of these classes fulfills the second course of its respective physics track for SEAS students.

CHEM UN1403 General Chemistry I/UN1404 General Chemistry II: Most SEAS majors include at least the first course as the chemistry requirement.

COMS W1004 Introduction to Computer Science and Programming in Java: This course can fulfill the computer science requirement of many SEAS majors, assigning problem sets in computer science and projects in Java programming.

ENGI E1006 Introduction to Computing for Engineers and Applied Scientists: This course also fulfills the computer science requirement with problems assigned in the programming language Python.

If you didn’t find the classes mentioned above interesting, don’t worry! There are still more approved courses that fulfill Core requirements available, and you can use Columbia’s registration tools like SSOL, Vergil, or the Columbia summer website to search for additional offerings. For Spectrum’s compact list of classes that fulfill Core requirements, click here.

Staff writer Tonycia Coe has already registered for Summer A and can be contacted at Follow Spectator on Twitter @ColumbiaSpec.

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