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"Tiny Dorm Concerts" is a new recurring video segment of The Eye that features Barnard and Columbia-affiliated artists performing their music where they most often play it—the places they live. Artists also have the opportunity to talk about their music, backgrounds, and involvement on campus.

The concept of the tiny dorm concert, while on one hand an homage to NPR's "Tiny Desk Concerts," also touches on an issue on Columbia's campus: There's not much space—physical nor mental—for music on campus. It's a claim I've made and heard, but it's difficult to substantiate or explain. Maybe it's because we're in New York City—rent is high, so campus venues are scarce—or maybe it's because we're busy. We work hard, and the average student's involvement with music gets pushed aside for later.

In any case, the space we have to play or listen to a song is indeed tiny. But these artists are playing and listening anyway.

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