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Vic Ingram / Staff Illustrator

Dear wonderful readers,

Welcome back to your favorite magazine! We have a themed issue for you this week, your favorite kind. Today we’re talking about traditions on campus, big and small. The traditions you love, and the ones you begrudgingly partake in. We’re also thinking about who gets excluded from traditions. It’s all relevant as we near Bacchanal, one of the biggest traditions of the year.

This week’s lead spans the history and present state of activist culture at Columbia—is there a reason why most of the protests of the last 60 years have taken place in April, near Days on Campus, after college admissions decisions have gone out? Gavrielle Jacobovitz investigates.

In “Rules for Freshmen,” Matthew Petti examines orientation rules and requirements for new students and their evolution over time. Columbia’s orientation programming wasn’t always as inclusive as we know it to be today—once upon a time, they involved a history of hazing and punishments.

In this week’s View From Here, former Editorial Page Editor Paulina Mangubat reflects on her limited time left on campus, six weeks out from graduation. The piece is aptly titled “Six Weeks to Graduation.”

Meanwhile, Nora Mathison looks at the little habits that help students get things done—or so they think—like sniffing essential oils before a test or wearing the same shirt at every comedy show performance. These rituals verge on superstition, and Mathison talks to a psychologist to see if they actually help people succeed.

In “How You Brewing?”, Eliza Solomon looks back on the history of beer at Columbia—bet you didn’t know there used to be a drinking competition in John Jay—and looks at the drink’s role on campus today, from a sophomore’s beer shrine to the Beer Baptism at Mel’s.

In “All In Good Fun,” former Eye lead story editor Kally Patz tells us about her night on the town (ahem, on campus) reporting on fun. It’s about as fun as it sounds, but it’s a fantastic read.

In our Blinks—we have them in every themed issue, in case you haven’t noticed—our staffers talk about their favorite small traditions, from planning last-minute-paper-submission routes to perfecting a Hewitt salad.

So please enjoy! And stay safe this weekend as you partake in some traditional debauchery.


Rébecca, Parth, and Ana