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Dear readers,

April 29—four days from now, our last Friday of the semester—marks 100 days of Trump in office. We can already feel the charge of the resistance diminish slightly. We’re tired. Despite our best efforts, we’re starting to normalize Trump’s fascist behavior.

We’re not talking about him like we were when millions of us marched right after Inauguration Day, or when we took John F. Kennedy International Airport to protest his immigration ban.

And so, for issue 11, we’re going to do our bit to ensure we stay shocked and stay angry. Issue 11 is themed RESISTANCE.

What’s a more fitting place to resist than a campus renowned for its activist culture? Gavrielle Jacobovitz questions whether Columbia’s brand of activism ultimately misleads students who come looking for activism and find disillusionment instead.

This week, we’re publishing the second part of our series profiling campus political leaders. Especially now, it’s important to pay attention to politics, both campus and national. Read on to see who’s shaping Columbia’s politics.

Campus resistance has, in many ways, been the theme of this semester. We’ve walked by signs reading “We Won’t Build Your Wall” hanging in the windows of Avery all semester. Using the signs as a springboard, Molly Miller discovers a world of resistance in the architecture community on campus.

But resistance does—and must—extend beyond 116th Street. Resistance in the real world is a daunting prospect. In her final piece for The Eye, veteran writer and beloved senior Malina Gulino explores what it means to graduate in the time of Trump.

In this week’s View From Here, The Eye’s very own managing editor Rébecca Ausseil details how words—from the Obama era, from Carry That Weight, from her own journaling—allowed her to come to terms with her sexual assault. We must resist our current administration's own words regarding rape culture.

We also have episode three of The Ear out! This week Jordan Allyn and Justin Cheng talked to student poets about how their artistic processes have been influenced by the current political climate.

And finally, check out our Blinks. Eye staffers wrote about moments of resistance, from a protest of penguins to a hunger strike in Washington. Each one is important in its own way—make sure to check them all out.

Keep on resisting, but also take care of yourselves and the people around you.


Ana, Parth, Rébecca

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