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Dear loyal readers,

Welcome to our first proper issue of the semester! We hope you’re as excited as we are for a semester of beautiful, challenging journalism about the Columbia experience. Well, it’s probably not reasonable to ask you to be quite as excited as we are. But there’s certainly a lot to look forward to, and you get to read it on our new, much-improved website.

This week, The Eye is talking about money—or rather, money talks to The Eye. Columbia has a lot of money: It has a $9 billion endowment, and it’s the second-largest landowner in New York City, bested only by the Catholic Church. So for this issue, we want you to think carefully about how Columbia spends this money and manages those assets. We also want this issue to draw your attention to wealth inequality on campus, and the problems that low-income students face.

Elizabeth Merrigan writes about the ironies of the college tutoring business, in which college students, often low-income ones, tutor wealthy high school students looking to get into high-ranking colleges.

Daniella Apodaca writes about another lucrative business: babysitting. More than 300 students use Barnard Babysitting to find jobs babysitting the children of the Upper West Side and beyond—why is this job so popular?

But we can’t talk about money without talking about food insecurity on campus. Gavrielle Jacobovitz takes a close look at the newly expanded Food Bank and the larger trend of student-led initiatives tackling food insecurity on campus.

At a research university like Columbia, money allocations aren’t decided by the University alone. Molly Miller uses the CUMC as a case study to examine federal funding in the era of Trump.

This week’s View From Here, written by Justin Steinfeld and Olga Brudastova, recounts their experience organizing for the graduate student-workers’ union, the GWC-UAW Local 2110, and their fight for their rights as workers.

We have a wonderful semester planned for you, and we’re so excited to be back!


Parth, Ana, Maya, and Rébecca

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