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Dear readers,

This is just to say: I have eaten the apples that you had picked. And that you were probably saving for breakfast. Forgive me, the snake told me to.

In this week’s lead, Charlotte Goddu picks up with our Dual B.A. students as they arrive in New York for their last two years of college and learn to navigate a crowded campus in a big city. Looking forward, is the Dual B.A. model a good one? Should we expect to see a growing number of students splitting their four undergraduate years between Columbia and another campus? (For more about what Dual B.A. students’ experiences are like at Sciences Po, read part one of this two-part series here.)

This past February, more than 100 buildings in the neighborhood, many of them owned by Columbia, were included in the Morningside Heights Historic Designation. What does this historic designation mean? And why did Columbia oppose it?

Next, Elizabeth Merrigan talks to a student who had to make a trip to St. Luke’s after eating a nutty dessert in John Jay Dining Hall, as well as to students who are vegan or keep kosher, to figure out if the dining halls can really accommodate people with dietary restrictions.

In this week’s View From Here, Isabella Nilsson talks about her need to get away from campus and the way in which Columbia’s social life seems to be built on exclusion.

Ella Koscher looks at Barnard’s soon-to-exist computer science department: why has it taken so long? And is it what Barnard students want in the first place?

After you read this week’s issue, grab your sneakers and go join Prezbo for his annual Fun Run. We heard there is running and funning involved (though we haven’t been able to confirm independently).


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