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Dear readers,

Welcome to our comics issue! Taking inspiration from this year’s fantastic New York Times Magazine comics issue, we teamed our writers up with our wonderful illustrators to bring you stories from campus as comics. (Don’t worry, though, we’ve got some of our good ol’ narrative pieces for you, too.)

First up: Sherrod McKelvey works the desk at Plimpton overnight during the week. We talk to the beloved attendant about how his desk is not just a desk, and about his run-ins with Denzel Washington and Beyoncé. Ana Espinoza, former Plimpton resident, writes, and Kate Gerhart, current Plimpton resident, illustrates.

And just to give you a boost before the beginning of reading week and finals, Gavrielle Jacobovitz, Rébecca Ausseil, and Emily Li present to you Puppy Profiles. The title’s not as self-explanatory as you might think—paws your studying and read up on these cute pets.

Our written content for the week:

Timothy Diovanni has spent the past two and half months in the musty rooms of WKCR trying to understand the cause of the radio station’s estrangement from the Columbia student body. His story reveals the inner workings of a campus institution that has instead established an audience outside of the 116th gates.

This year, Lyric Bowditch’s family moved from Cairo to Kew Gardens, Queens—many, many miles closer to Columbia. How does living a subway ride away from your parents impact your growth in college?

In this week’s View From Here, Arminda Downey-Mavromatis talks about her “Midwesternness” and the ways in which it has interacted with, fought with, and been worn down by New York City.

That’s all we have, folks. See you next semester.


Rébecca, Parth, Ana, and Maya

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