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Where is all this data from? Why can’t I find it?

Most of our data comes from the Wayback Machine, where we found updates to Columbia pages through the years as well as dates they were saved. You can find all of our data and sources on GitHub.

I’ve heard some sources say that the number of Pell Grants awarded to Columbia undergraduates is increasing. Why does The Eye say otherwise?

Most of the statistics you see include the School of General Studies, which is comprised of a disproportionately high number of Pell Grant recipients compared to Columbia College and the School of Engineering and Applied Science.

Why does the data only track 2009 to 2017?

2009 was the first year for which The Eye found data on median income of financial aid recipients. Columbia did not respond to requests to provide data from previous years.

What about inflation?

All dollar amounts in the article are reported in 2017 dollars. For original amounts, see the data on GitHub.

But isn’t Columbia is the most diverse school in the Ivy League?

We wrote this article to show that, while Columbia’s diversity may or may not be touted as exemplary among its peer schools, Columbia is not making progress.

Why didn’t you talk about [insert other factor here]?

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