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Diane Kim / Art Director

Dear readers,

This week’s issue deals with entry—in student groups that make up our school’s social fabric, and college bookstores, and trains and big cities, and a little bit of coursework (this is a university, after all). It’s midterms, and we’re feeling a little closed off from it all, so why not talk about it?

Columbia has 500+ clubs, its admissions brochures tell us. We’re a campus of singers and theater kids, pre-med students and writers, engineers and rock climbers. And with that many club opportunities, shouldn’t there be a place for everyone? In this week’s lead cover story, Mary Marsh finds that it’s complicated.

In this issue’s Eyesights, Jade Chaplowski reflects on how she’s found her space in this crowded city. Claudia Gohn asks: Why can you buy a bra at a college bookstore?

We’re off next week, but we wish you luck with midterms and hope that a restful spring break is in your future. And with that said, we conclude our fifth issue and take our exit.


Julian, Candy, and Gavrielle

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