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Diane Kim / Art Director

Dear readers,

The sun is out, or it was… briefly. Curl up inside by the fire if the rain persists, or out on Low Steps if the sun returns—either way, you can spend your weekend leafing through our penultimate issue!

In 2017, an Iranian Ph.D. student flew to Canada. But when his visa application was held in “administrative processing,” he was unable to return to the U.S. for six months. In this week’s lead story, Bingxuan Wang investigates the challenges Columbia’s international graduate students and postdocs face with their lives hinging on the limitations of visa policy.

Emmett Werbel followed the red backpacks as he looked into the Housing Equity Project and Columbia’s efforts to help the homelessness crisis throughout its recent history. In the 1980s, Columbia staffed a homeless shelter in West Harlem. Why did we stop?

Manhattan is a noisy island. West Harlem is the fifth loudest neighborhood in the city. In her feature, Reina Patel records the soundscape around the Manhattanville construction site, and examines Columbia’s efforts to mitigate its contribution to the noise.

On three previous occasions, senior Alexander McNab has been asked to prove he was a Columbia student. Two weeks ago, he was pinned to a countertop in Milstein by Barnard Public Safety, an incident that soon went viral. He writes about why he refused to show his ID for the fourth time in one of this week’s View From Heres.

In the other, Sara Bell questions the typical American immigrant narrative. What does it feel like to uncover a part of your family history recorded in a local newspaper?

That’s (almost) all for us. Stay tuned for our final issue next week, and keep an eye out for a few more surprises on the horizon.


Julian, Candy, and Gavrielle