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Brenda Huang / Senior Staff Illustrator

Welcome back to The Ear, The Eye’s podcast dedicated to documenting, detailing, and excavating Columbia’s history!

In this mini-episode of The Ear, reporter Luke Cregan remembers the Grove. Before the construction of Mudd, Pupin, Uris, and the Northwest Corner Building, there was an open space at the north end of campus. A statue of the god Pan relaxed in this idyllic atmosphere; students played games and held dances. The Ear asks: What disappeared with the Grove, and what has it left behind?

Music Credits

Rope Swing - Podington Bear;

Relinquish - Podington Bear;

We Always Thought The Future Would Be Kind of Fun - Chris Zabriskie;

That Kid in Fourth Grade Who Really Liked the Denver Broncos - Chris Zabriskie.

Enjoy leafing through our eleventh issue!

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