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Eve Washington / Managing Editor of The Eye

Dear readers,

Now knee-deep into a new semester, a new year, and a new decade, we at The Eye want to warmly welcome you, both new and old readers, to the 15th year of Spectator’s weekly long-form features magazine.

Our goal for this year is simple: Seeing in 2020 vision.

2020 vision means that our content inspires conversion that challenges the status quo and that at all levels our content is accurate, meaningful, and purposeful. 2020 vision means that our reporting holds Columbia accountable, which goes beyond stating what is happening by providing a nuanced, human reflection of life on Columbia’s campus and within our interactions with our surrounding communities, such as West Harlem. These goals are not new to The Eye. Rather, 2020 vision is a testament to an everlasting commitment to serve as your “Eye on the street.”

Kicking off the year, our first cover story reflects on last fall’s brownstone selection process. In the feature, Teresa Lawlor discusses how student groups vie for the rare opportunity to define their residential future and community growth on an urban campus, limited by the ever-present space crunch.

Speaking of the future, Jade Justice carries us into a new decade with an Eyesight that breaks down the delicate balance between happiness, the future, and something else.

AJ McDougal also recalls the past in the newest View From Here, in which she extends an open invitation to watch horror movies and eat Christmas cookies.

Last, but not least, in the first-ever Graphics and Eyesight collaboration, Claudia Gohn and Charlotte Li document public bathrooms in an inadvertent ploy to visualize a comfort zone.

As you leaf through this first issue, we truly hope you enjoy what we have put together. Above all, we want to make sure that our content speaks to you and opens your eyes to important campus issues. We urge you, readers, to connect with us through the website, on Instagram, on Twitter, and in our inboxes. We would love to have you introduce us to things you care about, write Views From Here, and tell us about your experiences with our content.

Your Eyes on the Street,

Eve Washington, managing editor of The Eye

Claudia Gohn, lead story editor

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