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Eve Washington / Managing Editor of The Eye

Dear readers,

Now that the drop deadline has passed, we hope that you have settled into your classes and extracurricular routines for the semester and that you are not too thrown off by the constantly changing weather. We are honored to present you with a new issue that is perfect to read while you procrastinate on midterm studying.

In this week’s issue, The Eye visits a dojo and a baseball field in our cover story, written by Will Yee. The feature follows how the founders of Harlem Hives and Uptown Inner City League Baseball work to support community youth, and what those efforts mean in the light of Barnard first-year Tess Majors’ murder, which reignited a call for more youth programming in the West Harlem area.

Sara Bell has an international message for you in her View From Here, in which she talks about living in London, observing trees, family history, and drinking tea.

In this week’s Eyesight, Lizzie Karpen invites us all to step into Bachelor Nation and encourages us to take a look at love on Columbia’s campus.

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Bye for now,

Eve and Claudia