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Welcome back to The Ear, The Eye’s podcast dedicated to documenting, detailing, and excavating Columbia’s history!

In this week’s episode, Mabel Ping-Hua Lee—a brilliant and determined leader—defies easy categorization. Reporter Victoria Li traces Lee’s life from Barnard student to first Chinese-American woman to receive a Columbia Ph.D. to suffragette to director of the First Chinese Baptist Church in Chinatown, where she spent over 40 years of her life before passing away in 1966. What inspired this fascinating and enigmatic woman, from Morningside Heights to the Church on Pell Street? Listen in to find out.


Hu Shih Voice Actor: Simon Xu

Dean Christina Kuan Tsu Voice Actor: Susan Li

Music (in order of appearance):

“Peacock”—Podington Bear

“Pianoman Sofa”—Lobo Loco

“Dark Matter”—Podington Bear

“The 49th Street Galleria”—Chris Zabriskie“Prelude No. 23”—Chris Zabriskie

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