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Ray Banke / Senior Staff Illustrator

Dear readers,

These are crazy times; it’s stressful, chaotic, and truly alarming to think about how we are living through a historic pandemic. Since our last issue, there have been many changes: Classes have shifted to be taken online, only essential employees are working on campus, all courses this semester will be graded pass/fail, and the vast majority of students have left campus for the rest of the semester. Here at The Eye and throughout Spectator, we have transitioned to virtual production, and we are doing everything we can to continue to connect you—our readers—with interesting, factual, and relevant information.

As a magazine, we are adapting our content as we make difficult decisions about what we choose to cover going forward. We are so proud of the editors and reporters here at The Eye who are all over the world working tirelessly to produce amazing content. Even in these times, there is a silver lining. We as a staff have committed to using this semester as an opportunity to explore and play around with what our content means and looks like. We are committed to finding ways to continue our rigorous, investigative reporting and narrative storytelling through mediums that challenge the traditional understanding of our content and push the boundaries of what our team is capable of.

A major part of our coverage is centered around reflections on the news and events of the past two weeks, starting with this special issue, which has the theme of Moving Out.

We have compiled five Eyesights that provide a glimpse into the experience many students faced while moving out in the middle of the semester. In this issue, our staff writers share their stories of saying goodbye to campus for the rest of the semester.

She met him on the 7 train at the beginning of the semester. But when faced with surprising news, Paris Caines comes to terms with her now long-distance relationship, as she and her boyfriend part ways for the semester.

Claudia Gohn describes her quick turnaround from feeling confident she could finish out the semester living on campus to departing campus at 2 a.m. She reflects on the parts of her routine that she did not know would be her last.

Every day feels like Sunday for Cole Cahill, as he reflects on how his entire semester changed on Sunday, March 8.

Under the skylight in Ashiti Vats’ Hogan suite this semester, she made hundreds of senior year memories. Saying goodbye to campus meant also saying goodbye to that sunlight. Long live Hogan 7.

Eve Washington drove nine hours to get to New York on March 15. Empty roads, take-out-only restaurants, and hours of talk radio made the whole trip feel surreal.

We hope that as you read this issue, you can also step back and reflect on your own experience over the past two weeks. It’s more important now than ever that you take stock of how you are doing and stay connected with friends and family. As always, we would love to hear your stories; get in touch on Instagram @theeye.mag, contact us on Twitter at @theeeyemag, or email us at In the meantime, stay safe and wash your hands.

Best wishes,

Eve Washington and Claudia Gohn