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Eve Washington / Managing Editor of The Eye

Dear Readers,

Welcome to day ? (who’s counting anymore?) of quarantine. The Eye is here with your dose of student magazine journalism:

This issue’s cover story is about the Columbia COVID-19 Student Service Corps: a new graduate student volunteer organization with more than 1500 volunteers spanning 12 graduate schools and over 15 projects. Their work has inspired student service corps chapters at schools across the country to support local hospitals with telemedicine, food service, and more projects. Larkin White reports on this organization and how they have been able to collect support from all parts of the community.

In this week’s Eyesight, a guest writer from Arts and Entertainment, Noah Shieldlower, tells us about his collection of takeout menus—7,000 of them to be precise—and reminds us about the importance of supporting small restaurants during the shutdown.

Claudia Gohn writes this week’s View From Here about being back home, and how she feels like she’s in high school again. As a teen, she took many high school classes online. Now that she’s back in her childhood room—once again taking online classes—her college anxieties feel far away, and she is able to reconnect with her sister.

Enjoy reading, and keep washing those hands!


Eve and Claudia