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Natalie Tak / Staff Illustrator

Welcome back to The Ear, The Eye’s podcast dedicated to documenting, detailing, and excavating Columbia’s history!

In this week’s episode, reporter Briani Netzahuatl delves into the relationship between Columbia University and the surrounding neighborhoods of Morningside Heights and West Harlem by examining three key moments: the University’s move uptown to its current location in 1897, the proposed construction of the Morningside Park gymnasium in 1968, and the expansion into Manhattanville in the 2000s. How can these events help us understand the effects of Columbia on the physical landscape we see today? Why is this history particularly relevant during the COVID-19 pandemic? Listen in to find out.


McGeorge Bundy Voice Actor: Cole Cahill

Mark Rudd Voice Actor: Paul Hanna

Illustration: Natalie Tak

Music (in order of appearance):

“Five Card Shuffle” — Kevin MacLeod

“Elipsis” — Chad Crouch

“Flotsam” — Parallel Park

“Moonrise” — Chad Crouch

“Organisms” — Chad Crouch

“Rice” — Chad Crouch

“Nature Shuffle” — Ketsa

“Periwinkle” — Chad Crouch

“Frost” — Chad Crouch

“Speaker Joy” — Blue Dot Sessions

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