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Dear readers,

Welcome back to The Eye! On our quiet campus this fall, Columbia has missed its athletics, including the annual Homecoming game celebration. However, that doesn’t mean that sports has stopped completely—The Eye and Spectator’s Sports section have collaborated to create the Sports Issue to capture the struggles and triumphs of a remote season, by detailing the communities that sports foster even when we are so far away.

While The Eye covers academics, student life, and the Morningside Heights community, we rarely take time to examine the impact of recreational and competitive sports on campus. In this issue, The Eye and Sports combined content and style to create features, Eyesights, and Views From Here that provide unique perspectives The Eye doesn’t often come across in our reporting. We’re excited to bring you that coverage this week and hope you take time this weekend to read about athletics at Columbia.

In this week’s cover story, deputy sports editor Miles Schachner takes a look at career networking in Columbia athletics. Sports teams at Columbia provide more than just opportunities to compete on the field—they also pave the way for athletes' future professions.

The Eye’s View From Here editor Grace Holleman takes a moment of reflection in her Eyesight. Years after the end of her high school ice skating career, Grace shares her experience living at home and watching ice skating competitions through her computer screen—just as distant from her competitive past as she is from the performances she watches.

Adam Lang, a sports staff writer, writes about the emergence of esports on campus amid widespread sports cancellations in the Ivy League and nationwide. Adam explores how esports connects students to both a community and to future careers.

Mackenzie George, a deputy sports editor, reflects on her experiences watching the NBA bubble, living in the Columbia bubble, and longing for normalcy in this issue’s View From Here.

Sports staff writer Juliet Tochterman writes about skateboarding on campus, a culture which is almost nonexistent. Juliet also talks to skaters who believe that Columbia culture and skating culture cannot coexist.

We hope you enjoy reading this issue as much as we enjoyed putting it together!


Claudia Gohn, Lead Story Editor of the Eye

Eve Washington, Managing Editor of the Eye

Elizabeth Karpen, Sports Editor