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Isai Soto / Staff Illustrator

Content Warning: This episode of The Ear discusses sexual violence and rape.

Welcome back to The Ear, The Eye’s podcast dedicated to documenting, detailing, and excavating Columbia’s history!

In this week’s episode, reporter Teresa Lawlor examines Students for a Reformed Fraternity System, a student movement at Columbia in 1988 that tried to make the University’s all-male fraternities go coed. This past summer, national anti-racist protests sparked a University-wide debate on the future of Greek life and prompted disaffiliations from sororities. Why did SFARFS not achieve its goal? What can the successes and failures of those students over 30 years ago tell us about what is happening today? Listen to find out.


Sarah M. Phillips Op-Ed Voice Actor: Grace Holleman

Gulbis/Kamber/Sheehy Op-Ed Voice Actor: Emma Specht

Gorsuch/Behringer Op-Ed Voice Actor: Matthew Lucia

Illustration: Isai Soto

Music (in order of appearance):

“The Spring” - Chad Crouch

“Neo-Noir 1” - Matthew Lucia

“The Bluff Trail” - Chad Crouch

“The Light Filtering Canopy” - Chad Crouch

“Harmony” - Alan Pilijak

“By the Pound” - Chad Crouch

“Post-Minimal 1” - Matthew Lucia

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