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Julian Michaud / Staff Illustrator

Dear readers,

Welcome to this semester’s second issue of The Eye! We hope that you’re settling into the semester and, for those on campus, enjoying the snow!

In our first Ear episode of the volume, Matthew Lucia and Miles Stephenson discuss Columbia’s controversial ties with the racist and pseudoscientific study of eugenics. By investigating some of the most consequential theoretical voices of the early 20th century, the episode raises serious questions that need to be appropriately addressed.

This issue also includes our first photo essay of the year, photographed and written by staff photographer Selina Yang. In her essay, she explores the nuanced realities of the first-year experience at Columbia and Barnard. Over FaceTime with four students, she is able to document the ways that first-years have adapted to overcome their fear of missing out.

In this week’s Eyesight, Adina Cazacu-De Luca reflects on her personal experiences with food waste, examining the scenes of overflowing trash bins during the first few weeks of the semester.

During this very chilly—at least in New York—first week of February, we hope you can grab a mug of hot chocolate (or maybe some stew!) and take some time to read our content while staying warm inside.


Claudia Gohn, Managing Editor of The Eye

Cole Cahill, Lead Story Editor

Jade Justice, Features Editor

Briani Netzahuatl, Features Editor

Enjoy leafing through our second issue!

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