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Raymond Banke / Senior Staff Illustrator

Dear Readers,

Welcome to Issue 3 of The Eye! As midterms are approaching, we hope that you can take some time to read this week’s stories and catch up on the important issues impacting students.

In this week’s cover story, Features Editor Jade Justice and Managing Editor Elizabeth Karpen write about the lack of proactive intervention against disordered eating culture for Columbia track and cross country athletes. The article discusses how track and cross country, as sports, create cultures that champion skinnier figures in order to win, even when the health of the athletes is compromised.

This issue includes two Views From Here! Megan Lunny, a staff writer at The Eye, writes about her grandmother as they are both working toward degrees in English. Arts & Entertainment staff writer Maryam Rahaman writes about her relationship with social media, and how that relationship has shifted during quarantine because of TikTok.

We hope that you enjoy this week’s issue! Stay safe and stay warm!


Claudia Gohn, Managing Editor of The Eye

Cole Cahill, Lead Story Editor

Jade Justice, Features Editor

Briani Netzahuatl, Features Editor

Enjoy leafing through our third issue!

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