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Dear readers,

Welcome to the fourth issue of Volume XXX of The Eye! As we approach the middle of the semester (yes, we can’t believe it either!), The Eye is excited to share an issue that will capture your attention and make you think more critically about anti-violence initiatives in Harlem, the impacts of jazz music on the University and Harlem communities, increasing tuition prices, and birds.

Staff writer Ellida Parker and Associate Features Editor Cheryn Hong focus on anti-violence initiatives in Harlem after years of violence and excessive policing in the neighborhood. Their lead story covers how the Tayshana “Chicken” Murphy Foundation, the Living Redemption Youth Opportunity Hub, and the Osborne Association work to create anti-violence programs to break the cycle of incarceration of BIPOC in the neighborhood.

In our newest Ear episode, Arts and Entertainment Editor Noah Sheidlower and Sam Hyman, Executive Podcast Producer for The Ear, capture the voices and issues surrounding jazz at Columbia. How has the Columbia community’s relationship with jazz changed over the years? How do concerns about a lack of racial and gender diversity affect the jazz program? How has Columbia threatened or supported the neighborhood’s iconic jazz scene?

Staff writer Isabella Aldrete writes about the tuition strike and students’ response to Columbia’s $60,000 price tag, which many feel does not justify the promises of social mobility and job security after graduation. These students’ disillusionment with Columbia reflects greater concerns about the financial unsustainability of the American higher education system and what those concerns suggest about future pushback.

In this week’s View From Here, Executive Podcast Producer for The Ear Sam Hyman writes about the time he received a prophetic message from two turtle doves. Reflecting on his imaginative childhood, Sam recounts how he made sense of the experience and how it still impacts him today.

We look forward to seeing you next week! Until then, stay safe and warm!


Claudia Gohn, Managing Editor of The Eye

Cole Cahill, Lead Story Editor

Jade Justice, Features Editor

Briani Netzahuatl, Features Editor

Sam Hyman, Executive Podcast Producer for The Ear

Enjoy leafing through our fourth issue!

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