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Jaime Danies / Senior Staff Photographer

The crowd at Bacchanal 2017.

As in the past two years, attendees at this year’s annual Bacchanal concert will be confined to two enclosed areas at the front of Low Plaza.

The viewing area design, instituted in 2016, originally called for six pens on Low Plaza but was changed to the two-area design after student and organizer backlash. The change came at a cost of $16,000 to the Bacchanal committee, a marked increase from the approximately $1,500 the committee expended in previous years.

According to Columbia Facilities and Operations, this year’s concert is not expected to cost more than those of the past two years.

However, Public Safety will increase the length of the lines for ticket holders waiting for space in the enclosed viewing areas to become available this year, according to Facilities and Operations.

Bacchanal will give out 5,000 tickets to students for the second year, 1,000 more than were distributed in 2016. Concertgoers will be able to view the show from either of the two enclosed viewing areas at the front of the plaza or from the general area behind the two areas.

This year’s concert will take place on April 7 and feature headliner Ty Dolla $ign and openers Soul for Youth, Kamaiyah, and St. Beauty. | @ColumbiaSpec

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