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Hula Poke serves sushi bowls, burritos, and salads at its Amsterdam storefront.

Spacious, light, and committed to customer service with a smile, brand-new Hula Poke is offering yet another cuisine option on the walk to 1020.

The new restaurant has opened up at 1028 Amsterdam Ave. between 110th and 111th Street, next to Insomnia Cookies. It opened in early August and has already garnered positive online reviews. And with heavy customer traffic, it looks like it will be here to stay.

For those unaware of what a poke bowl is, imagine unraveling a sushi roll, adding a plethora of flavors and vegetables such as mangoes or crunchy seaweed, and then enjoying it in a bowl form. Hula Poke also offers burritos and salads for those less inclined towards the bowl option.

FIrst time visitors to the restaurant may find an airy and light atmosphere due to the high ceilings and simple furniture options. Thick, wooden countertops line the walls of the restaurant, drawing your focus toward the ordering station. Hula Poke’s commodious floor space and nonintrusive furniture choice will make it a useful event location.

Although the menu is not as ambitious as some of the other poke bowl joints in New York City, the variety of the ingredients is standard and reliable. If you’re up for something with a kick, it does serve a few spicy specials, such as the Samurai or the Heisha Crunch.

Expect to pay about the same as you might at Dig Inn: A bowl runs about $11. For the next month, however, Hula Poke is offering a 10 percent back-to-school promotional of which students can take advantage.

If Morton Williams or Butler Library café sushi is not living up to expectations, perhaps try Hula Poke for a fresh option. | @ColumbiaSpec

Hula Poke Sushi
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