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Kate Gerhart / Stepping Up as a Community

Keep Orgo Night in Butler

A tradition with a 41-year history is far from a spontaneous disruption—if anything, it is a perpetuation of continuity in tradition—and to claim that students would be irreparably distracted from their studying by a publicized event in a place they could easily avoid for one hour a semester is absurd.

Stepping up as a community

Ultimately, however, while the University can and should take direct action to ensure the well-being of its community, we, as students, are on the front line. We cannot pretend the problem is merely an administrative one, nor can we hope to create an environment of compassion without taking action ourselves. It is our responsibility to look out for each other. It is our responsibility to step outside of ourselves, to be more aware of the people around us.

It is our responsibility to care.

Honoring graduate unionization has become a matter of democratic principle

The University will always be against student unionization for a number of reasons, but it cannot claim to “share the NLRB’s goal of ensuring a fair electoral process and protecting the rights of all students” if it does not honor the decisions stemming from this electoral process.

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