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Kayla Abrams is a sophomore at Columbia College majoring in history with a specialization in modern American History. She is from the hippy oasis of Santa Cruz, California where she grew up constantly being asked about her “vibes” and being judged for the color of her aura (it’s purple if you were wondering). On campus, she volunteers with Camp Kesem, is involved with Sankofa Tzedek, and sells her soul at Columbia Law School. In her spare time, you might see her falling down the Ferris or McBain stairs or getting overly excited about sports in the JJ’s quesadilla line. Feel free to argue with her about the Warriors at


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Jemima Fregene is a junior at Columbia College majoring in medicine, literature, and society. She hails from the ’burbs of Detroit, Michigan, but she’s still allowed to say she’s from Detroit because she was born in the city. You will rarely hear her speaking English or staying still; she loves learning other languages and putting them to use through travel. In her free time, she enjoys watching telenovelas, discovering videos on YouTube, listening to music (mostly reggaeton, dancehall, and 90s R&B), and whining up her waist—sometimes all at the same time. Most of her natal chart is in Gemini, so she considers herself the ultimate Gemini. She can be reached at


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Lana Awadallah is a sophomore in SEAS majoring in applied mathematics and minoring in economics. Her answer to “Where are you from?”" varies depending on several factors: her state of hunger, the time of day, etc. Initially an applied physics major, she changed her mind after a lengthy week -and -a -half in Physics 1401. If she’s not in Milano Market’s salad line, she has most likely taken the executive decision to replace her healthy meal with Cafe East’'s FroYo. You can send her comments, feedback, or hate mail at

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