In Focus: #CancelKavanaugh demonstration draws over 200 protesters to Low Steps
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Edited by Katherine Gerberich and Natalie Guerra

Photographs by Athena Chin, Rya Inman, Gabi Levy, Aliya Schneider, and Arielle Shternfeld

Students gathered on Low Steps on Thursday to protest the nomination of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court ahead of the Senate’s vote to confirm him on Friday. (Gabi Levy/Columbia Daily Spectator)

At the protest, students showed support for Dr. Christine Blasey Ford and sexual assault survivors. (Gabi Levy/Columbia Daily Spectator)

Both organizers and protestors declared their disappointment with Kavanaugh’s nomination and how Columbia handles allegations of sexual assault. (Aliya Schneider/Columbia Daily Spectator)

An outcry for overarching policy change on the graduate, undergraduate, and faculty levels dominated discussion on the Steps. (Aliya Schneider/Columbia Daily Spectator)

The protests were organized primarily by students at the School of International and Public Affairs and drew over 200 protestors. (Athena Chin/Staff Photographer)

Students embrace on Low Steps during the protest. (Rya Inman/Senior Staff Photographer)

Students embrace on Low Steps during the protest. (Athena Chin/Staff Photographer)

A student writes “Cancel Kavanaugh, Action, Join Us” on a sign in preparation for the protest. (Athena Chin/Staff Photographer)

Some protesters were moved to tears during the demonstration. (Arielle Shternfeld/Columbia Daily Spectator)

Signs were left on Alma Mater after the protest. (Rya Inman/Senior Staff Photographer)

A student holds a sign reading “Kava-nope” during the protest. (Rya Inman/Senior Staff Photographer)

SIPA organizers also signed a letter expressing disapproval over Kavanaugh’s nomination: “[We] expect Columbia University to issue a public statement and take all possible action to oppose the pending and unethical nomination of Brett Kavanaugh.” (Athena Chin/Staff Photographer)