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Have a question? What about a hundred of them? Pretend like you’re not even curious all you want, but we’re on the class of 2021 group pages; we see you guys trying to peep out the scene at Columbia before even rolling up to MoHi. (Wait, what’s that again?)

So instead of flooding your internet history with fruitless Google searches of “Wut is St. A’s?” and “Wut is the significance of salmon shorts?” take the easy way out and submit your college life questions to our trusty advisers here at Spectrum.

How can I submit questions?

Our Facebook inbox and Twitter are fair game, and we’re also big fans of Snapchat (@CUSpectrum). Alternatively, we made this nice Google Form just for you.

If you read an article here, you should also be able to find the writer’s email address at the bottom of the page. You’re free to shoot them a message as well—they don’t bite. (Actually, we get pretty roused when Required Reading readers write us [say that three times fast] to say they read the series. Make our day and send us some more mail?)

How soon will I get a response?

Professors always say that if you have a question in class, you might as well ask it because chances are someone else has the same question. The same principle applies here. When you ask a question, we’ll want to publish the answer so that everyone is just a little bit more in the know. Therefore, your questions will probably be published on the site in about a week or so after sending them in, or whenever the next Required Reading issue comes out (look out for it every Friday afternoon).

If we think it’ll take longer, we’ll email you back to let you know.

What kinds of questions can I ask?

Anything related to college life, New York, or Barnumbia. (I mean, you can ask us philosophical questions like what is the meaning of life, but no promises on getting a response, mostly because we don’t even know.) Even the questions in the second paragraph of this article—“Wut is St. A’s?” “Wut is a Goldman Sachs snek?”—are on the table for discussion.

Pro tip: If you need some ~inspiration~, we’re likely going to talk a lot about health and wellness next week.

So get hopping because there’s so much to learn in so little time—NSOP (as of today) is only 62 days away.

In case you just skimmed over all the text in this article, here’s what you need to know: Find out everything you want to know with Required Reading, or ask your questions on our Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat @CUSpectrum, or on this clean, shiny, brand spankin’ new Google Form.

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