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Michael Edmonson / Senior Staff Photographer

This week, we are no longer free Columbians. New York has reared its slushy head after being strangled by a cold wave unlike most of us have seen in our climate change-impacted lifetimes; and once again, the line for the Hamilton elevator wraps its way around the lobby, the second floor of John Jay echoes with the coughs of whatever grippes and diseases we picked up on vacation, and a colorful flock of Canada Geese emerges from brick buildings at two-hour intervals, as we prepare ourselves to get back to the grind.

Hopefully, you’ve already kind of got your schedule figured out. But if you haven’t entirely (and like your advisor has probably told you 10,000 times, that’s okay!), Spectrum is here to tell you again that that is, indeed, okay.

Here’s the only issue: as you Vergil-scrounge for courses that look interesting or relevant to your major or Core-friendly, you keep running into waitlists, “instructor permission required,” and prereqs you’ve never even heard of. But don’t let that discourage you. Now it’s even more okay, because we have compiled a monster list of the most interesting spring semester courses that are both a) open to everyone (no pesky pre-reqs) and b) not completely full (yet)!

Social Sciences
Natural Sciences
Foreign Languages
Fine/Performing Arts
Engineering/Applied Sciences
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