Amy Moon / Staff Illustrator
A new era for Barnard
“Only time will tell what her legacy will be, but for now Beilock seems to be listening. For those who want to be heard, speak out.”
The art of the in-between
“To begin is always a challenge. To begin again is a not a feat to be taken lightly.”
Columbia’s broken (he)arts
“The constant creation of art in the face of administrative obstacles, a lack of resources, and a myriad of other responsibilities and concerns is nothing less than awe-inspiring; a unique form of resistance against the somber days that sometimes come with our time on campus.”
1968, 50 years later
“While it has been easier to hear from current students on what it means to be an activist in 2018, with op-eds and responses detailing their experiences and calling other students to the fray, the task of recounting what it was like to navigate campus during the fateful week of April 23, 1968, is a separate beast.”