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Columbia has changed its gender-based misconduct policy to clarify that the University can sanction GBM violators by banning them from being teaching assistants, course assistants, and graders.

This clarification comes over a year after the Office of Residential Life changed its policy to ban GBM violators from becoming RAs following a Spectator investigation revealed that no such policy existed.

Student activists have repeatedly asked the University to ban violators from becoming TAs in the past year. Previously, the policy broadly described “removal from leadership/supervisory positions within the University community” as a possible sanction. The update, announced by the Office of University Life on Tuesday, includes language to clarify what those leadership positions include.

The updated policy does not, however, ban all violators from becoming TAs. Instead, it allows the University to sanction violators based on a consideration of factors in the violator’s case. The sanction can be applied either for a limited period or for the entirety of a violator’s time at Columbia.

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