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SGA saw its highest voter turnout ever with 30.9 percent participation.

Barnard’s Student Government Association announced the results of this year’s council elections Tuesday morning.

The results were initially supposed to be released Monday evening, but SGA extended the voting period after realizing that the ballot had mistakenly closed too early.

This year, 30.9 percent of the student body voted in the election, which is the highest record for an SGA election. Of the 22 positions that were open for election, 14 were uncontested. This includes the position of SGA president, which went to Angela Beam, who was previously the vice president for campus life.

Amanda Frame

Amanda Frame / Senior Staff Designer

See the full list of winners below.

Executive Board

SGA President: Angela Beam

Vice President for Policy: Alicia Simba

Vice President for Campus Life: Aku Acquaye

Vice President for Communications: Rhea Nagpal

Vice President for Finance: Evelyn McCorkle

Representative Council

University Senator: Kira Dennis

Junior Representative to the Board of Trustees: Tamar Dayanim

Representative for Inclusion and Equity: Kashaf Doha

Representative for Campus Affairs: Mia Lindheimer

Representative for Information and Technology: Tahsina Saosun

Representative for Arts and Culture: Chloe Morris

Representative for Health Services: Valerie Jaharis

Representative for Food and Dining Services: Sarah Broniscer

Representative for Seven Sisters Relations: Julia Pickel

Representative for Sustainable Initiatives: Sylvie Rosen

Representative for Academic Affairs: Shoshana Edelman

Senior Class Council

Senior Class President: Ambika Mookerjee

Senior Class Vice President: Masha Ikromova

Junior Class Council

Junior Class President: Aashna Singh

Junior Class Vice President: Surbhi Lohia

Sophomore Class Council

Sophomore Class President: Rose Reiken

Sophomore Class Vice President: Gabi Garcia | @jjspitz1

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