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Katherine Gerberich / Senior Staff Photographer

Campus is expected to be hit with 12 to 15 inches of snow.

All Columbia classes on Wednesday have been canceled due to weather conditions, the University announced in an email and a text late Tuesday evening.

Students received an email notification from the Columbia Emergency Management Operations Team with the announcement about half an hour after Barnard announced that its classes would be canceled.

In a season of nor’easters, Columbia classes were last canceled in early March due to worsening storms, but the announcement didn’t come until after the start of the school day. The last full snow day occurred in February of the 2016-17 school year.

Students were initially alerted earlier in the afternoon that Columbia campuses would operate normally on Wednesday, but after classes were also canceled at New York University, the New School, and all New York City public schools—in preparation for 11 to 15 inches of snow—Columbia decided to cancel its classes as well. | @ColumbiaSpec

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