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Nine out of 20 races were won by uncontested candidates.

Barnard’s Student Government Association announced the results of this year’s council elections on Wednesday afternoon. This year, nearly half of the races were uncontested and dominated by incumbents.

This year’s elections saw a decrease in voter turnout compared to that of previous years. Last year, because of a contentious referendum around the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions movement, the turnout saw a record-breaking 50 percent of all college students, while it was 30.9 percent the year before. This year, a total of 25.8 percent of Barnard students voted for their representatives.

Of the 20 positions that were open for election, nine were uncontested. This includes the position of SGA president, which went to Kim Samala BC ’20, and the newly created role of vice president for equity, which went to Tirzah Anderson, BC ’21.

The roles of representative for information and technology and vice president for the junior class remain unfilled. Applications for this position will be made available in the fall.

See the full list of results below.

SGA President

Kim Samala - 100 percent

Vice President for Campus Life

Flosha Diliena Liyana Saran Arachch - 58.0 percent

Emma Cunningham - 42.0 percent

Vice President of Policy

Idris O’Neill - 56.0 percent

Nathalie Kahn - 37.0 percent

Emily Fahlsing - 8.00 percent

Vice President for Communications

Yeliz Sezgin - 64.0 percent

Elizabeth Wallach - 36 percent

Vice President of Finance

Tina Gao - 50.4 percent

Rachel Nordlicht - 49.6 percent

Vice President for Equity

Tirzah Anderson - 100 percent

Jr. Representative to the Board of Trustees

Chelsea Sinclair - 100 percent

Representative for Academic Affairs

Jasmin Torres Pinon - 100 percent

Representative for Inclusive Initiatives

Blossom Maduafokwa - 100 percent

Representative for Student Development

Rachel Gelnick - 100 percent

Representative for Campus Affairs

Edidiong Emily Ndiokho - 70.0 percent

Alison Kanefsky - 30.0 percent

Representative for Seven Sisters Relations

Mo Russell Leed - 55.0 percent

Maura De Rose - 45.0 percent

Representative for Arts and Culture

Isabella Rafky - 100 percent

Representative for Health Services

Christina Juste - 54.0 percent

Ellen Alt - 46.0 percent

Representative for Food and Dining Services

Leeal Kahen - 100 percent

Representative for Sustainable Initiatives

Aastha Jain - 53.0 percent

Pamela Brenner - 29.0 percent

Rachel Gates - 18.0 percent

Sr. Class President

Gabi Garcia - 100 percent

Jr. Class President

Norah Hassan - 70.0 percent

Hadassa Trau - 30.0 percent

Soph. Class President

Audrey Petit - 54.0 percent

Maya Gilbert - 46.0 percent

Soph. Class VP

Grace D’Haiti - 100 percent

Barnard Student Government Association Elections Vice President for Equity
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