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Barnard will be led by a new dean of the college and Vice President of diversity, equity, and inclusion.

After a school year rife with events prompting discussions about campus safety for black students, Barnard finds itself at a significant administrative juncture with many new faces in leadership.

The reorganization includes the naming of a new dean of the college, Leslie Grinage, who officially began her term on Aug. 1 after departing from Davidson College. In her role, Grinage oversees a wide array of student-facing programs and offices, including Beyond Barnard, Student Life, and Title IX and Equity.

Under Grinage, Barnard administrators announced that former interim Deans of the College Alicia Lawrence and Natalie Friedman will now serve as deputy deans of the college. According to an email sent to students on Aug. 22, Lawrence will oversee Residential Life and Housing and Student Life, while Friedman will oversee Student Success Programs, International Student Services, and a new area dedicated to parent and family engagement.

This fall will also see Ariana González Stokas, TC ’10, serve as inaugural vice president for diversity, equity, and inclusion, a position recommended last year by Barnard’s Presidential Task Force. For the first time, the college will have an administrator dedicated to overseeing issues of equity in the classroom, diverse faculty recruitment, and a newly created Barnard Community Safety Group dedicated to increasing transparency and student engagement with Public Safety.

Following an incident last spring in which six Barnard Public Safety officers confronted Alexander McNab, CC ’19, in The Cheryl and Philip Milstein Center for Teaching and Learning and pinned him against a counter for failing to show his Columbia ID at the gates, Barnard has begun a search for a new executive director of Public Safety, who will work with the Barnard Community Safety Group to review the office’s policies and procedures.

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