Class of 2021 Survey
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We asked, and you answered. Here are the results from Spectrum’s Class of 2021 survey.


Respondents were solicited through promotions on Spectrum’s Required Reading newsletter, the Columbia Daily Spectator and Spectrum Facebook pages, as well as individual class Facebook pages. Members of the class of 2021 were able to anonymously respond to a variety of questions about their lives, beliefs, and habits via a Google Form that was open from July 26 to August 18. Respondents who were among the first 100 to submit their responses were eligible for a raffle for a $50 Amazon gift card.

We received 530 verifiable responses. Duplicate responses were removed from the data set, as were responses without a verifiable UNI.

Below, each question is reported along with the total number of students who responded to that particular question. Not all questions on the survey were mandatory, and not every question had a full response rate.

Not every question on the survey has been reported. Questions that were eliminated include some demographic information, questions relating to Spectator’s reach, and other questions where we felt that the data was not accurately representative of the class.

Responses that were selected by fewer than three percent of responders were often grouped under “Other,” and those cases have been noted.


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